Surfing Morocco : Imsouane


msouane is a commune in the Agadir region, and an absolutely incredible surf spot! Come and discover with Riad Imourane this surfers paradise for an unforgettable surf trip in Morocco.

First step :
After 1 hour by car from the Riad, break, everyone goes down to admire the view. A breathtaking panorama! From the top of the cliff, you can see the bay of Imsouane and in the distance, below, the village. Magnificent authentic village, fishing and surfing are the local activities.

Second stage :
Arrival in Imsouane. Authentic village and famous surf spot in Morocco, known for its long straight lines. Get ready to surf the longest wave in Africa: up to 800 meters right!!
The bay of Imsouane, ideal waves, abundant, for all levels. There are 2 main surf spots.
Surf spot Cathedral : confirmed level
Reef Point and La Baie: for beginners and intermediate level.
Complementary to the famous spots of Tamraght and Taghazout, such as Devil’s Rock, Anchor Point, Banana beach, Mystery Point…

Third step :
Lunch break. At the port, every day the fishermen of the village bring their morning catch. This is the time to choose the fish you eat. Grills on the menu.

Fourth stage :
The full of energy is done, we take advantage of the surf spot, we go back for a second surf session in Morocco.
A day surf trip in Imsouane is included in all our surf packs!
Depending on the waves, the tide, the weather, Riad Imourane will take you to discover the most beautiful waves of Morocco.