ractised in the river or in the sea, it is a fun activity that allows you to enjoy nature and discover magnificent places.
The second advantage of the Stand Up Paddle is that it is a fun activity that allows you to enjoy nature and discover beautiful places:
The board is wide and long and therefore allows you to handle all types of waves.
Third advantage to the practice :
Playful, the SUP can be shared with the family, with two people, or with a child on the board. Some people practice yoga on the board!
The family rooms at Riad Imourane can accommodate families with children to share this fun activity during the holidays. We have everything you need on site, and if you wish, you can bring your equipment with you.
The necessary equipment is paddleboard (inflatable or rigid), paddle, storage bag.
Advantages inflatable board :
For use on rivers or the sea, transportable on holiday, very resistant (crushing shocks, paddle blows, children…).
Advantages rigid board :
Diversified board design, therefore performance too.
Basic rules for choosing your Stand Up Paddle: the user’s weight/height ratio. The heavier our body is, the bigger the board volume should be.
At Riad Imourane you will benefit from a personalised accompaniment, explanations concerning the spot of the day, the waves… Fun, sporty or calm, our local teacher after each session will bring you his know-how, explanations supported by your photos on the sea in order to follow your progress (and full of memories when you return home ).