SPA: Belgian spa town or ancient Roman term “Sana Per Aquam”?


n both cases, these three small letters inspire us only happiness: relaxation, well-being, rebalancing of body and mind. Imagine yourself in a Hammam, then afterwards in a massage room, lulled by the scent of rose oil and soft Moroccan music. Your body needs it, so does your soul. And there’s nothing more restorative for sore muscles from a day of surfing, cycling or horseback riding, for example. The feeling of awakening and energy immediately seizes you. Once the session is over, it is customary to say to yourself: “I’m going to make another appointment before the end of my holiday”. Morocco: a land of Spa!

Morocco is a popular holiday destination in North Africa, renowned for its remarkable architecture, history, Islamic culture, delicious gastronomy, colourful souks, arid deserts and long sandy beaches. Morocco is also a dream destination for those seeking relaxation in an opulent spa as well as an authentic experience in a local hammam. Hammams are traditionally part of the daily life of many inhabitants. This tradition, which dates back to the time of the Roman thermal baths, provides visitors with a deep cleansing of the skin and a social gathering. The traditional experience consists of rubbing from head to toe with black soap and an exfoliating glove, used to remove dirt, “dead skin” to leave your skin smooth and soft.

The massage that will follow will be performed with, for example, argan oil (used for centuries by Berber women, this beauty elixir is known for its great nourishing properties) and will be all the more effective as the pores of the skin are open after the hammam (“hot water bath” in Arabic).

Whether you are looking for a public hammam or a Moroccan spa, our country will bring you a cure of well-being.

You have ten good reasons to go to the spa:

-Pretend you’re a princess or a prince: to be pampered and destressed.

-have time to take stock of important aspects of one’s life and relax

-Enjoy the benefits of the hammam: the steam opens the pores and purifies your skin by eliminating toxins.

-Enjoy the benefits of the hammam: the steam opens the pores and purifies your skin by eliminating toxins.

-walk up to your colleagues when you get back from your stay with your new “zen attitude”…

-maintaining a healthy lifestyle

-be more relaxed and therefore more creative, more focused and more alert in your work

-awaken your mind and senses

-relieve muscle pain

-improve your blood circulation

-simply be happier in body and mind

Let’s not forget your massage session! It’s the wellness massage par excellence! Whether they are relaxing or therapeutic, both styles of Moroccan massage have the same goal: to purify the body and get rid of muscular tension.

Testimony of Lamia, 24 years old, masseuse at Tamraght:

“The pleasure for me is the clients who thank me when they leave the session. Every time they tell me they are getting better. They are happy. And so am I.”

So, if you are interested in a  wellness holiday, welcome at the Riad Imourane!

Many thanks to Tamraght SPAHOUSE who opened their doors to us and allowed us to write our article, for their welcome and generosity, and to Lamia for his testimony.

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