Running in Morocco

Moday, we address to you, nature sportsman.  Prepare your shoes and your backpack, we are going to present you the Trail as well as some great running races that take place in Morocco.  If you are used to running on the road, invest here in shoes adapted to rough terrain, a hydration bag, sticks when the race presents important climbs.  The management of the effort will be different from a road race where the goal is to maintain this running pace to achieve its goal timing.  For a Trail, the effort management is different: it is necessary to take into account the nature of the ground, the profile of the course where the trailer will have to adapt.  It is necessary to find a harmony between speed and effort provided throughout the event to optimize its chances of completing the trail.  The racing spirit: setting a time and ranking is rewarding in all types of existing races.  On the other hand, in Trail, speed or ranking are not necessarily a priority.  Because the objective of the trailer is to finish the race with the satisfaction of having given its maximum.  Finishing a trail is already a great victory, especially over a long distance.  Participating in a trail in Morocco will allow you to change from the ordinary, to vary from your usual routes.  If you live in the city, train for the urban trail: look for the difference in altitude with the crossing of stairs, street furniture, winding courses.

No more boring, repetitive strides on asphalt.  In trail, you’ll have to adapt your stride constantly.  You learn to climb, but especially to walk and save money uphill.  Beware also the descents, often more destructive than the ascents from a muscular point of view.  The pleasure of running and the feeling of escape are also much more present, by this immersion in nature less felt on the road.
Trail and good atmosphere:
More varied routes, the beauty of the scenery and the fact that time trials are relegated to the background can only encourage more relaxation and conviviality compared to road races.
Trail for beginners:
Having a good basic physical condition is certainly necessary to participate in a trail, but it is not reserved only for “good runners”.  There are races that offer suitable routes with short distances and reduced gradients.  This allows you to enjoy the good atmosphere, the scenery, and to soak up the “trail atmosphere”.
Trail and Morocco:
You can discover the local heritage, the diversity of our landscapes which will bring exoticism to your race.
Why not try a trail in Morocco?  It will change you, you will forget your “daily worries” and we can offer you a few days of well deserved rest in the Riad after your race.  We will make you discover the local hammam and massage for a relaxation and muscular recovery; as well as a good Moroccan meal that will end your day with enthusiasm.  All this under the beautiful sunlight in Morocco and the iodized air of the seaside.