Rally and Morocco, Land of competition.

Morocco, for almost a century has welcomed many thrill-seekers. As early as the 1930s, we can see the photo of the winner of the Rallye de l’Automobile Club du Maroc in May 1935 (in a Bugatti, place de Casablanca). The discipline has evolved well; from the 1980s, thanks to the evolution of vehicles that then allow to cover longer distances, faster, to practice “inhospitable” terrain. Asphalt is no longer the one and only playground. Numerous motorized rallies were and still are organized in the Moroccan mountains and desert, thanks to the innovation of vehicles. And yes, whether you are a professional or an amateur, man or woman, 18 or 60 years old, you can today access this dream of adventure, of sport… Every year, a few enthusiasts organize fabulous rallies in our beautiful country that is Morocco. The routes are adapted to the vehicles, motorcycle, car, quad and the staffs organize the races so that you concentrate only on the race. Rallying is a motorsport discipline: car, truck, quad or motorbike. Today it is accessible to people of different nationalities and ages and to people with different motivations (championship, association, fun…). One thing is sure, all the competitors have these values in common: audacity, perseverance, sharing, determination and solidarity. The participants represent a generation cradled by ecological concerns.Aware of the impact of the Rally, they multiply gestures and actions to limit their traces in the desert for example. Why don’t you do the same? You would need to know your vehicle, know how to change a wheel, check the tire pressure… These races would allow you to have fun, to “overtake” yourself, under the Moroccan sun, in magnificent “breathtaking” landscapes; which will leave you with unforgettable memories. We would like to present you some examples of great Rallys organized regularly that you will certainly enjoy:
RALLY MOROCCO CLASSIC 14-20 June 2020Organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed 6Morocco is a land of incredible landscapes and legendary hospitality. This Rally will make you discover unknown places thanks to its 7 days/6 stages. Emotion at the rendezvous! Departure from Agadir this year.

AICHA GAS RALLY 26 September 2020.
A major car race organized in the Moroccan desert, 100% female: the will of the participants: to have a positive impact. First Rally certified “ISO 14001:2004”. All the waste generated by the caravan is collected, water and energy consumption is controlled and biodegradable products are used to leave the smallest possible trace of the Rally’s passage. He offers help (medical, school…) to the villages, via his association “Coeur de Gazelles”. Women of all nationalities from all over the world participate and organize themselves to take part in this race (count the registration fees, purchase or rental of your vehicle, navigation equipment, search for sponsors…).

4L TROPHY 18-28 February 2021
The raid is the first 100% young and fun solidarity rally in “4L”, driven by students, on the tracks of Morocco.more than 6000km in 10 days. Each team delivers about 50 kg of school equipment.


BAB EL RAID 6-17 February 2021
The spirit of the Rally, organizing challenges: in the car, based on the orientation of a simple “road-book” or on foot, to appeal to strategy and combativeness. The association of the Rallye “Green Day”, participates in a sustainable approach to the creation and development of the largest solidarity palm grove in Morocco.

RALLY OF MOROCCO 10-14 October 2020
“The story began in 1982 with the arrival of Paris-Agadir, the first Rally Raid run in Morocco”. Morocco has always been a land of Rally Raid Formerly named “Rally of the Atlas”, it will become a flagship Rally of the Rally Raid calendar that will see the best drivers and teams of the discipline. Sport at its purest!”